Troy Becker/Paul Zimmer

Troy Becker Is Paul Zimmer? “Is This the Most Bizarre Influencer Scam Yet “Troy Becker & Paul Zimmer Conspiracies“An Influencer Accused Of Scamming His Fans Disappeared And Tried To Come Back With An Entirely New Identity” “An influencer accused of deceiving fans and faking a different identity says his new name was the real one all along, despite court records telling a different story

We have reached out directly to Troy Becker To gather the truth on all of the drama that he has been wrongfully involved in years ago. There has been quite a bit of confusion on this subject, Paul Zimmer is a fictional character created by actor Troy Becker, Troy Becker brought the character to life on applications such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and He achieved over 7 Million followers for this character. The Confusion comes from the fact, that when Troy Becker was finished playing his character he removed all of his character videos of Paul Zimmer off of the internet, this spiked many outrageous theories, including that Paul Zimmer was a real person which was separate then Troy Becker, thus the theory that Troy Becker and Paul Zimmer were different people. which isn’t True. Troy Becker is the actor that created the fictional character Paul Zimmer. Then there was a theory that actor Troy Becker used his character Paul Zimmer to scam his fans into giving him money, this was a baseless rumor and obviously false, Troy Becker loves his fans more than anything in the world. Then to make matters worse, some work associates that helped Troy Becker bring the character Paul Zimmer to life, that he thought were good people and had his best interest in mind, started a group chat. They would send each other back and fourth funny,
videos, jokes and just have a good time etc.  Now the people in the group chat had known Troy for sometime. They knew a lot about him,  he thought they were really good friends.  Eventually certain people in the group chat convinced Troy it would be funny if he made videos as (Paul Zimmer The Character) saying  how he and Troy Becker look alike but we weren’t the same person. Troy admits he had a soft spot for his friends and loved to make them laugh so he did. He made a couple different videos, and everyone in the group chat thought they were so funny, they encouraged him to make more. Now these videos were clearly jokes and they were meant to ONLY be in this group chat, nowhere else. As he mentioned some people inside the group chat were colleagues who helped him grow to the top when he was playing the Paul Zimmer character on social media, a number of them had access to all of his social media accounts. Although he had completely deleted everything off of  social media, his accounts were active just with nothing on them. Till this day he doesn’t know entirely who did what or how things happened. But someone inside of that group chat took those videos, ALL the videos that he made as jokes between his friends and they posted them on his social media accounts with the  most ridiculous captions. They then changed the passwords to all of the accounts, and by the time Troy was able to get back into the accounts the damage had been done. That’s when the articles and videos
And everything hit their peak. “Former social media star, scammed fans and lied about his identity.  After  that he ended up making a YouTube video explaining everything (everything he just said above ^) the video was well received from his millions of fans. Ever since then the lies, drama, rumors everything  has stopped.. he doesn’t know who in that group chat decided to do this, he doesn’t know if they thought it was funny or if they just wanted to try to make him look stupid. He doesn’t know what they had against him… And Troy Becker will never know because of that situation he is no longer in contact with ANYONE from that group chat. Troy is happy to say all of that drama is dead.. And has been dead for quite some time. More info can be found on his official IMDB here